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DA BEENIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-lol not christmas

Not as cool as the hat tho right? this is really a specific situation type use item. ur ass is not gonna be wearing this every day so make sure youre ok with that when you buy it. Some days it might get cold so you can pop this bad boy on your head and it should provide you with local heat retention to the applied area. Note, you will gradually lose body heat in extream cold weather enivornments, this beenie only goes so far. That beeeeening (heh) said you will look great it in. Im pretty sure. Im kind of like imaginging you in a drab december state, walking alone, its dusk, youre wearing this and your met by a stranger. its MR DBS. He says... great beenie. This is all hypothetical ofcourse the chances of me ever running into you is slim and honeslty its better that way for ur protection. Not like Im a danger to you, actually quiet the opposite, actually its the people who are looking for me and if your in proximity to me they might try and fire high explosive ammunition which could put you in the kill radius if your near me. So just stay back ok? Just back off.... I dont wanna hurt you. I care alot about you and dont want to see you harmed ok? Now, if you buy this thing, I gotta get it and ship it to your house.... IDK if imma pull that off... I might try....BEFORE CRIMBUS>?? nah no way pal. no flippin way. YOu understand what kind of task that is? ok yea bud lets say i DO ship them.. then what???? Ill tell ya what... postal limbo. Santa aint gonna be comin down your tree, little elves and shit, raindeer fuckin cloppin on your got dam roof. nah. Your prob gonna see these gone p. quick. Im sorry. Idk what to do about it other than make this somthing thats printed and shipped directly from DBS CORPO HQ which isnt as cool as me sending them from my HIDE site where I can give u little goodies instead. THats the correct method i think.

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