DA HOT STUFF WOW OH OUCH FRIG these are the dbs items yall just LOOOOOVE man catch home boy at the airport in one of these bad boys

You will be impressed by how quickly you become alienated at your local
dive bar. Think cheers right? everyone knows your name? yeah pull
through like fucking fraiser crane with a shirt that says some shit like
<-------- This on it and see the eyes turn. You're gonna look great
and enjoy it thats for certin

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" mr. DBS tried to kiss me during checkout. He came out from behind a bead curtain smelling like smoked guda and said thats my favorite shirt " - Anon

" The factory chemical smell and sticky residue really adds to the appeal of this brand I think. One of the workers left me a note in my package wrote in some squiggly line language I don't recognize but I'm sure it was a thank you note. " - Anon

" I can't stand this mother fucker " -Anon