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End User Death [BLK]

End User Death [BLK]

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pretty cool right? I thought so. this ones in black

Kind of had a million different ideas for this. left it as is. (colors) you can wear colors under stuff like jackets or hoodies. actually its pretty importannt that you wear clothing over your disgusting animal body. not like mr dbs who has a stock cut sythetic flesh body the likes youve never seen. two years from the future. as you read this put on "LFO-'Premecy" it will go well in the back ground. set the volume to 61% so its not over bearing. ok so its playing and depending on how fast you read it should be kickin up ok. so like yea imagine generations worth of military class humans well we are rapidly approaching the point were we no longer need thousands, maybe not even hundreds. The force multiplier augmented, or better yet, the human becomes the enabler and its the tech we serve. The authorization is only achieved so long as the device is available. A commander no longer cares about the readiness of the individual but the hardware assigned. actually ignore everything that you just read its just a shirt, sometimes a shirt is just a shirt. you buy them at zoomies or whatever the fuck its called pacific sun hollywood video idk, these things are made in a hellhole overseas.

Canvas Unisex Tank

Quality tank with rounded collar and a modern fit
100% combed and ring-spun cotton
4.2-ounce and 30 singles

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